To download and fill out these forms, right click on the file link and select “Save Link As” from the menu and save it to your computer. You will need the current version of Adobe Reader. Many of the forms can be sent to appropriate destinations via email.
*Please note several items are still in progress and will be added as soon as they are made available.

2020-2021 Resources

2020-2021 Conference School Calendar

2021-2022 School Calendar Change Application

Curriculum Planning

Employing Non-SDA Members

Alternate Math Textbook

Textbook Approval Request

Special Needs Form

Student Accident Form


Oregon Conference Education Vision

The Oregon Model

Oregon Aspirations

Project Design Template

Essential Project Design Elements Checklist

Project Design Rubric

Project based Teaching Rubric


Professional Development

Professional Development Procedures

Principal Report for Teacher Performance

Professional Teacher Performance Self-Reflection

Teacher Observation Visit

Teacher Observation Visit Rubric

Teacher Summative Evaluation


Teacher Observation Visit

Teacher Observation Visit Rubric



Student Injury Report

Medication Authorization Form

Medication Administered

Biannual First Aid Kit Inspection Check List

Student Accident Insurance Form

Field Trips

Oregon Conference School Field Trip Check List

Oregon Conference Field Trip Insurance Procedures

Oregon Conference Field Trip Request

Private Transportation

 Student Records

Cumulative Record Folder Procedures and Permanent Record Retention Schedule

Letter for Eighth Grade Algebra 1 Credit

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Kindergarten Retention Request

NPUC Student Acceleration Policy

Student Acceleration Request

Student Retention Request


Oregon Conf. Volunteer Background Check

Oregon Conf. Parental Consent for Minor Volunteer

Emergency Resources

Emergency/First Aid

Bloodborne Pathogen Training Video