Many of you have asked for RenWeb How to Guides.  Here are a few that are ready to use. If you don’t see one that you need here email

 General RenWeb & Dashboard Guides

Beginning of the Year Quick Start Guide

NAD Report Card Toolkit

Additional RenWeb help(SIS Q & A)

Monthly Guide to RenWeb & Dashboard

How to Navigate NAD Dashboard & Data Rollup

How to Fix Errors

Staff Errors

Student Errors

School Errors


How to take attendance

How to get attendance to show on Report Card

Grading/Report Card Guides

How to set up Gradebook and Assignments

How to create and copy categories

How to enter an Assignment

How to weight assignments in Gradebook

How to Enter Grades into Report Card from Gradebook

How to Mass Upload Grades from Gradebook to the Report Card

How to Enter Kindergarten Grades

How to Enter First and Second Grades

How to Enter Third- Eighth Grades and High School

How to Enter Comments on Report Card

How to Enter Instructional Levels

How to Enter Social Development and Work Ethic

How to Copy Skill Sets to ALL Students in a Class

How to Archive Report Cards

Report Manager Guides

Missing Gradebook Grade Report


How to change default year in ParentsWeb

Course & Class Guides

How to Create New Classes

How to Enroll/Unenroll Students from classes

How to Transfer Student to a new class of the same subject

How to create new classes and transfer students to new class of same subject

Student Management Guides

How to Enroll a Former Student

How to Unenroll a Student From School

School Management Guides

How to Change School Calendar

How to Change Quarter in Gradebook

How to update Quarters

Staff Management Guides

How to Enter Teacher/Staff FTEs