God has promised! We will not die. We will not give up. We will not grow weary. 

We will rise TOGETHER AS ONE in boldness and urgency, spreading the good news of redemption. 

Welcome Educators and Pastors!

With  miracles piling into our office from around the Oregon Conference, we see God blessing our efforts to come Together as One. Integrating Church and School to reach our communities lays the foundation to why we exist. We want to provide as much inspirational and communicational opportunities as possible for you to continue building those bridges in your community. Won't you join us?

TAO Planning


TAO Co-Leader

Once you build your team, you will be collaborating with church, school, and home to fulfill a needed long-term project serving your community.

Community Table Report

Due Dates for TAO Project

2019 Together As One Summit

As we continue to grow and expand our ministry we are excited to announce our next Together As One Summit.We invite our Teachers, Pastors and Student Leaders to come experience our fourth Summit as we continue to grow!