To best support you and your ministry, we ask that all required forms be turned in by the due date each month. Thank you for your dedication, thoroughness and timeliness.
To download and fill out these forms, right click on the the file link and select “Save Link As” from the menu and save it to your computer. You will need the current version of Adobe Reader. Many of the forms can be sent to appropriate destinations via email.
*Please note several items are still in progress and will be added as soon as they are made available.

How to Digitally Submit Documents


2019-2020 REQUIRED


August Check List

Oregon School Record of Drill Report

Washington School Record of Drill Report 

WA Sample Emergency Drill Reporting Form


September Check List

The 4 documents below are part of your Pre-Session report.

Pre-Session School Report

Smarty Goals

Confidentiality Statement(keep in school file)

Conflict Of Interest Declaration(keep in school file)

Pre-Session Curriculum Review


Annual School Report (official one will be email to you in September)

Early Childhood Education Information Form(ECEC)



October Check List

School Improvement Documentation for Accreditation 

Asbestos Federal Law Requirements

Asbestos October Data Sheet


November Check List


December Check List


January Check List

Annual IPM Report

Principal Report for Teacher Performance


February Check List

2020-2021 School Calendar Change Request

e-Learning Days Policy

Guidelines for School Day

Four-day School Week Annual Review


March Checklist

List of Eighth Grade Graduates

Teacher Summative Evaluation


April Check List

Asbestos April Data Sheet


May Check List

Teacher Appreciation

Professional Teacher Performance Self-Reflection


June Check List

Post-School Year Report

Continuing Education Credit Form

Asbestos School Self-Inspection Form ( See Risk Management)