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Professional Learning Communities (PLC) are teachers sharing and critically interrogating their practice in an ongoing, reflec- tive, collaborative, inclusive, learning-oriented, growth- promoting way. This is the most effective tools to grow your teaching practices.

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       After refleCting on the needs of
           our teacHers, we will pursue the leading
        edge of cuRrent innovative and effective
  teaching practIce by sharing ideas
       to create a Stronger community for the
   benefit of all sTudents.

Oregon Conference PLC Descriptions

1. Full Steam Ahead
Our goal is to create a community of collaboration to present resources (materials, programs, online resources, technology, training, field trips, etc.) for STEAM in the classroom.
We will stay connected through Schoology and Facebook, as well as get together quarterly for in-person collaboration.
Join us for a creation-focused, self-esteem building, encouraging time together!

2. Go Math
Join us for encouragement, and resources in teaching Go Math, especially if you are facing multi-grades. Between Facebook and Schoology, we can create a stream of support and tools for your teaching needs. We will also be providing opportunities for model teaching, and guest training.

3. Developmentally Appropriate Kindergarten
Are you feeling torn between your Kindergarteners and the expectations they face? Our primary goal is to draw all children to Jesus in a way that respects their developmental level. Join us for:
Colleague Connections: Online discussions, and a face-to-face monthly sharing time, starting Feb. 25. SEE ATTACHMENT
Content: Share and exchange current research, share your latest content ideas in phonemic awareness, music integration, worship/Bible routines and lessons, as well as discuss challenges such as special need students.
Experiences: We will work toward bringing in guest speakers to help in the areas we need most, visit each other’s classrooms, and visit the Orton Gillingham Center
Celebrate: We hope to attend SDE Teach K in Las Vegas from July 18 to 22 together.

We are looking forward to developing cross curriculum project based learning using 3D imaging and printing to develop science, technology, engineering, aesthetics and math understanding skills. We would like to set up a 3D printing center at PAA for Oregon Conference schools to send STL file to for printing. Besides offering some summer classes in practical application of STEAM and creative process, we plan to also collaborate via FaceTime or Skype for long distance support and instruction.

5. 7th Grade Science
Join are team to develop full lesson plans and resources for 7th grade science curriculum. We will coordinate and share using Schoology, and will also meet together in person a couple of times this year to collaborate. By saving each other time, we can be more intentional about creating Christ-centered lessons.

6. Teaching Students with Special Needs
Our goal is to be a resource for teachers and schools working with students with special needs. We will collaborate together to share best practices and realistic methods for effectively serving and managing students with special needs. In addition, we will be a support and information resource for maneuvering through IEPs, MAPs, and 504 plans. We want to help make Adventist Education accessible to students with special needs, so that every child has a chance to know Christ.

7. It’s All About Jesus
We want to help students make lifetime decisions to follow Jesus. Join us for gathering ideas and resources. We will meet in person once or twice this year with a special guest speaker, and will build our online platform for discussion and sharing. We would love for pastors to join our PLC as well.

8. Happiest Place on Earth
Join us for collaboration with teachers in primary grades. Our goal is to use peer classroom observations to gain insightful growth, to share curriculum, and the use of technology ideas. We will meet quarterly at a specific school to observe a haf-day teaching then provide feedback based on the criteria from, “Teach Like A Champion,” followed by a group sharing of curriculum over lunch! SEE ATTACHMENT

9. Foreign Exchange Program
Our goal is to provide resources for teachers without prior experience or training in ELL. We will provide a Smart Start Workshop in the summer. We will also post a monthly journal article and discussion through Schoology, as well keep in touch through an online pool of resources. Join us as we minister to students from all over the world.

10. Teacher Idea Swap
We want to provide opportunities for teachers to come together in a relaxed environment to learn new ideas and to share their ideas on topics such as project based learning, classroom management, field trip ideas, best practices for teaching, etc. Our quarterly meetings will focus on a new topic each time and will at times be presented by a specialist. The coming together of teachers with God in their midst will create a rich fellowship filled with blessings for all. We are excited about our upcoming Love & Logic presenter on March 4, 2016.

11. SPARK PE Curriculum
Our goal is to create an online forum where we can share activities that work best for each of our classrooms to instill in students an active lifestyle. The body is the temple of God! Only by us nurturing and taking care of it, can we minister at our greatest potential for Him! As we build our PLC, we will also include live collaboration and opportunities for classroom visitations. We believe the SPARK program is a great tool that will help each of us reach a greater depth in our PE programs.