I could have no greater joy, than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 3 John 1:4

1. Together As One

Our schools were created to serve the mission of the church, spreading the good news of redemption. Every teacher will be a co-minister with their local pastor for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Every Child Deserves to Know Christ

Strategically planned and supported endowments, scholarships, and marketing will be pursued so that every child who de-sires to have an Adventist Education can.

3. Effective Leadership

We will only hire Christ-dependent, student-centered, relational –based leaders who will be capable of pursuing greatness and will perform for the greater common good.

4. High-performing Schools

Schools will be instructed, supported, and assessed to have:

- a clear and shared focus

- high standards and expectations for all students

- high levels of collaboration and communication

- curriculum, instruction and assessments aligned with denominational and state standards

- frequent monitoring of learning and teaching

- focused professional development

- a supportive learning environment

- high level of family, church, and community involvement

5. Professional Growth

The Professional Learning Team will reflect on the needs of our teachers, and will pursue the leading edge of current inno- vative and effective teaching practice to create a stronger community for the benefit of all students.

All teachers, despite their current status, will be evaluated annually through formative and summative assessments.

By planting a core of professional learning communities, we will promote and encourage all teachers to invest in a local, grade level, or current topic PLC.

Our mentorship program will match quality teachers with new and growing teachers to promote the professional growth and retention of effective teachers. Proverbs 27:17