Answers Regarding The Common Core

  1. Our standards are created in consultation with the local conference, NPUC, and NAD from the Adventist Worldview perspective.  Although it is important for these teams to reference all other available standards, the standards remain our own.
  2. We are not a part of The Common Core and are not held to any curriculum, testing, or other required elements of The Common Core.
  3. The NAD mathematics committee researched and wrote new standards in 2012.  Once they established these standards, they interviewed several companies to see which one could best fit their needs. Go Math and Big Ideas were selected.  The complete series meets our standards and exceeds all other standards.  Although there is a Common Core logo on the front of each book, upon closer inspection you will find that the series also includes all of the elements that critics of The Common Core say do not exist such as prime factorization, translating equivalent fractions, and mastery of multiplication by 4th grade.
    1. The methodology within the mathematics textbooks seeks to increase critical thinking skills and more in- depth application of concepts.
    2. Although there is a stronger focus on depth and process, we do expect correct answers and mastery of mathematical concepts.
    3. Our teachers are professionals who use the textbook as a support to their standard-based plans, and not as a prescription for their class.